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Enterprise solutions

Based On Our Proven J2EE Technology Stack & Infrastructure

Elastic systems

Seamlessly scale your system with distributed technologies

Data visualization

Turn your data into meaningful visualized information


Our team

Eran Peretz

CO Founder and R&D Manager
Eran is an experienced R&D manager, with a proven record of over 15 years of leading solution developments in various technologies, with a deep background in project management & team buildup. Prior to establishing Arrakis, Eran served for 15 years as a developer, team leader, project manager and for the past 5 years as the head of Enterprise Solution department at NGSoft.

Aviram Dayan

CO Founder and software architect
Aviram is a J2EE Software development guru with 15 years of hands-on experiences with numerous software systems, from the architectural stage to the final product delivery. Prior to establishing Arrakis, Aviram served as a Software Architect at NGSoft, leading the Enterprise Solutions development domain and dev leader at Telekom Innovation Laboratories at BGU.

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